Time to Celebrate

I was granted tenure at Chapman University and promoted to the rank of Associate Professor. My journey at Chapman began 10 years ago as an adjunct faculty member, and I am thankful to have developed a thriving percussion studio in a creative and vibrant community of faculty colleagues, talented students, and wonderfully supportive administrators and support staff. Needless to say, I’m very much looking forward to the next 10 years!

The Grammys!

The PARTCH Ensemble won a Grammy Award for our recording of Plectra and Percussion Dances, which was released on Bridge Records. It is an honor to make music with the folks in PARTCH - all excellent artists in their own right - and I’m proud to play a small part in bringing the fantastic music of Harry Partch to a wider audience.

2015 | Ready, Set, GO!

2015 has seen, and will see more, great concerts and events. I hope that you can check them out!

On January 5, I performed with some longtime (and brand new) musical friends at the Monday Evening Concerts. A thank you to Mark Swed for deeming our performances as “outstanding”.

A few weeks later, Brightwork newmusic drew a capacity+ audience at Tuesday’s @ Monk Space, where among many great pieces of music, the premiere of Jason Heath’s Endangered Voices: Wayana Songs was a perfect conclusion to a truly exceptional night of new music in LA.

LAPQ rocked Reich’s Drumming at the NAMM Convention, and are preparing for a wild ride...in the coming months we’re playing a ton of great new music, collaborating with fantastic artists, all throughout the region....capping things off on April 10, with an evening concert at Zipper Hall.

The PARTCH Ensemble convenes in a week, not at a concert, but at the 57th Grammy Awards. Cross your fingers, and knock on wood!

There are many more awesome concerts and events coming up in the first half of 2015. If you make any of them, please let me know, or come say HI!

Proud of My Students

Three cheers for my current and former students who are moving on to a new phase in their music careers!

Each will pursue musical opportunities next year at grad school. I am so proud and excited, especially knowing that they have chosen fantastic music programs and teachers to study with.

Jordan Curcuruto is off to Southern Oregon University to study with Professor Terry Longshore.
Brietta Greger is off to the California Institute of the Arts (my alma mater) to study with David Johnson.
Christina Cheon is off to the Boston Conservatory to study with Nancy Zeltsman.

...and this just in, a former student, Mr. David Yoon, is graduating high school and will be attending Julliard next year!

Congratulations everyone, and keep up the amazing work!

Yamaha Percussion Summit

The LAPQ had a great time this morning at the Yamaha Percussion Summit in Burbank! We met other Yamaha artists and were brought up to speed on the latest and greatest innovations to Yamaha percussion instruments. Personal recommendations: Yamaha timpani and new concert bass drum sounded amazing, and their concert snare drums are fantastic...was finally able to spend quality time with their solid-body rosewood snare = superb instrument.

Pictures are posted here Happy

I love the Rolling Stones

My LAPQ bandmate, Matt Cook, and I were at Ocean Way studios tonight...birthplace of the Rolling Stone’s Bridges to Babylon, and hundreds of other recordings (Radiohead, Michael Jackson, Sinatra, Herbie Hancock, Madonna, etc...). Recording percussion for an upcoming feature film...beyond fun!


LAPQ Back in the Studio

The LAPQ was in the studio last week with Sono Luminus, to record our second album...the follow up to our Grammy-nominated debut, Rupa-khanda.

It was, to say the least, an incredibly exciting and fulfilling week of work. As with any recording, each day was its own battle...8 - 14 hours of meticulous and focused performance...take after take. It can be exhausting, but when I listen to the work of the performers, producers, composers, and sound engineer come through the studio monitors...its such an exciting feeling. The album will be out late in 2014, or early 2015...tough to say at this point. Stay tuned, it will be good!

Shout out to the six composers on the recording: the great Bill Kraft, Erik Griswold, Nicholas Deyoe, Isaac Schankler, Joseph Pereira, and our dear friend Shaun Naidoo

PASIC...it had been along time

I travelled to the Percussive Arts Society’s International Convention this last week!

It was wonderful to see my friends and colleagues (past and present)...its been over 10 years since my last PASIC. It was great to feel that the world of percussion artists is indeed growing smaller...that is to say, that to those who are in the profession, we really are a close family of artists...a bit like herding cats at times, but nonetheless...

FYI, Bob Becker and Yurika Kimura were/are just about the greatest thing you can check out. Don’t miss them if they swing through your town.

Innovative Percussion, as always, went above and beyond in producing this video of the LAPQ’s performance Friday afternoon. Thank you IP!