LAPQ Back in the Studio

The LAPQ was in the studio last week with Sono Luminus, to record our second album...the follow up to our Grammy-nominated debut, Rupa-khanda.

It was, to say the least, an incredibly exciting and fulfilling week of work. As with any recording, each day was its own battle...8 - 14 hours of meticulous and focused performance...take after take. It can be exhausting, but when I listen to the work of the performers, producers, composers, and sound engineer come through the studio monitors...its such an exciting feeling. The album will be out late in 2014, or early 2015...tough to say at this point. Stay tuned, it will be good!

Shout out to the six composers on the recording: the great Bill Kraft, Erik Griswold, Nicholas Deyoe, Isaac Schankler, Joseph Pereira, and our dear friend Shaun Naidoo