Sono Luminus (92214)
Los Angeles Percussion Quartet
Released June, 2017
Color Theory
Xas Records (102)
Prism Quartet (featuring So Percussion & PARTCH)
Released 2017
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Stacks Image 203
The Year Before Yesterday
Sono Luminus (92180)
Los Angeles Percussion Quartet
Released September, 2014
Harry Partch: Plectra & Percussion Dances
Bridge Records (9432)
PARTCH Ensemble
Released 2014
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Stacks Image 219
Pieces for Percussion
Hat[now]Art 191
Ensemble XII
Released 2013
Sono Luminus (92150)
Los Angeles Percussion Quartet
Released 2012
Nominee - 55th Grammy Awards for Best Small Ensemble/Chamber Music Performance, and Best Surround-Sound Album
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In the Beginning
New World Records 80735
David Rosenboom
Released 2012
Ein Klang Records No.052
Stacey Fraser
Released 2012
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Quartz City
Lian Records
David Johnson, Los Angeles Percussion Quartet
Released 2011
Encolsures VII
Innova Records #705
Released 2011
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Stacks Image 322
Tracking Inland
Albany Records TROY1270
Donald Crockett @ XTET
Released 2011
Enclosures VIII
Innova Records #399
PARTCH Ensemble
Released 2007
Stacks Image 146
Stacks Image 96
Fiat Lux: Selected Electroacoustic Works 1996-2007
Capstone Records CPS-8790
Shaun Naidoo
Released 2007
Anne LeBaron: Pope Joan, Transfiguration
New Worlds Records 80663
Released 2007
Stacks Image 397
Stacks Image 406
The Music of Ann Millikan Featuring the California EAR Unit
Innova Records #663
Released 2007
Sharp Three
Onigawara Records OR002
Released 2005
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people & places

Drumming @ Disney Hall, April 2014

Ensemble XII & Pierre Boulez, Lucerne Festival 2008

headshot ca. 2006-2013

Ensemble XII at Klangspuren Festival (Austria) 2006

Disney Hall, Chinary Ung Spiral 11

Ensemble XII, Summer 2009, San Diego

Disney Hall, Lou Harrison, La Koro Sutra

Ensemble XII, Philharmonie Essen, Bricco Lu by Fritz Hauser

Pierre Boulez, Lucerne Festival, 2006

Improvising w/ Fritz Hauser & Ensemble XII, Lucerne, Switzerland, 2008

Recording w/ Sharp Three, 2007

Sur Incises (Boulez conducting), Ojai Music Festival 2004

Fritz Hauser & Ensemble XII, Lucerne, Switzerland 2007

le Espace Acoustique, Argento Ensemble, Zipper Hall (Los Angeles)

Loudest performance, hands down, to date: Wolfgang Rhim, Tutuguri. Ensemble XII, Lucerne Festival 2006

PARTCH Ensemble. TJ Troy and NT playing bass marimba ca. 2008

Trenchcoat Dances by Shaun Naidoo. Chapman University, spring 2006

Recording w/ Ensemble XII, UC San Diego 2009

Sur Incises (w/ Boulez conducting), Disney Hall 2011

LAPQ plays Cage 3rd Construction, CSU-Fresno, 2011

LAPQ sound checks Xenakis Okho, UC-Santa Cruz 2011

LAPQ with SacState percussion studio (Daniel Kennedy, professor), 2011

Sur Incises & Boulez, 2011

Ensemble XII, Lucerne, Switzerland 2008

LA Phil President Deborah Borda, LA County Supervisor Zev Yarovslavsky, composer Veronika Krausas, Jacaranda Music 2012

Ensemble XII in Essen, Germany

Ensemble XII, Lucerne Festival 2008

Pierre Boulez & Ensemble XII, Lucerne Festival 2007

Ensemble XII, Lucerne Festival 2007

headshot ca. 2006 - 2013

headshot ca. 2006 - 2013

percussion setups

brightwork newmusic, CalState Fullerton, March 2014

Ocean Way Studios, Hollywood, March 2014

Five Intermezzi by Victoria Krausas

In the Beginning by David Rosenboom

In the Beginning by David Rosenboom

In the Beginning, David Rosenboom

Mass by James Newton Howard, Los Angeles Master Chorale, Disney Hall

Maximusic by James Tenney

Music for a Summer Evening, George Crumb 2012

My Spirit is Chanting, Mukara

Nigerian Spam by Shaun Naidoo

Night Breath by Sean Heim

Oboe Quartet by Stephan Wolpe

Piece for Oboe, Cello, Percussion, and Piano by Stefan Wolpe, Monday Evening Concerts 2012

Repousse by Joseph Pereira

Repousse by Joseph Pereira, Music & Conversations 2011

Ritual Dances

Rupa-khanda by Sean Heim

Solitary Thinking in Metal by Benjamin Phelps

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Nick is an exclusive performing artist for Yahama, Innovative Percussion, REMO, Sabian Cymbals, and Black Swamp Percussion